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Friday, June 23 2017 @ 06:11 PM EDT

Photos for the Day!


Freckle Face

I just love this speckled face kid.

He did great at his race tonight, heartbroken that he didn't win, but excited about next year. Here's his camo-Hum-V.
Look at those eyes!

And I forgot, I took this pic last night.. I guess it could have been Sunday night.. All my evenings start to blur together.. bwahahaha
I thought this was hilarious, Jenna pushing her tinkerbell bear around in her grocery cart sporting these cool goggles.. teeheehee..
Love my kiddos.

Now, I'm OFF the computer!.. I got a new set cut out for Friday today (just needs cleaned up), I'm SO excited about this one, it's SO stinkin CUTE! Actually, I've got 2 releases for Friday! And they are BOTH adorable!!
One for the girls, and one for the boys.. So you should ALL be happy! That's ME, a crowd pleaser.. teeheehee

With that, I'm off to watch my DVR'd American idol, then it's OFF to beddie-by for me! Night all! -J

Why WE/HE Loves...

early morning church....

PAD 1-18-08

I told J I'd make his new jeep be my PAD for today.. but actually, for a homework assignment, I needed to take an action shot, so I've got this one of Jenna in the swing. She actually told me to go outside and take her picture, but then she refused to look at the camera.. OY!

Too friggen hilarious!

My photo for today...
Oh My, so funny!

Jens had to give it a try.. apparently, it's easier the smaller you are.. Cuz Jens had a hard time getting his feet up by his head... We were laughing so hard!

I'm feeling a bit frazzled, it's 8:40pm, the kids were maniacs tonight and I can still hear Jenna goofing around. I really want to scrap, but since I'm all jittery, maybe I'll go finish reading my book, I only have just a few pages left. Then if I'm feeling calm I'll come scrap a page or two or maybe clean up some design stuff.

Jared got the rest of his parts for his jeep and I think he will be in the garage until wee hours of the night. I had a night mare last night and didn't sleep very well. Ugh, hate that. Maybe I'll take some benedryl tonight.. ROFL!

With that I'm off,Good night! -J

PAD 1-13-08

I took this right after church when Jenna put on Lindsey's goggles and was walking around the house shouting that EVERYTHING was blue.. It was so funny, but then while down at my moms I got made fun of for focusing so much on Jenna on my blog.. :( Like it's HER blog LOL and I act like she's my ONLY child. ROFL
made me feel bad and sad.
I try to include equal amount of pictures of the other kiddos, but for numerous reasons they just don't cooperate and besides I'm home with Jenna ALL DAY.
So tonight, Lars was being goofy in the tub so I quick grabbed my camera and took a couple shots, but they ALL came out blurry, so I'm not going to post them, however, I will try to get him to do the same things again tomorrow night. Because he was so darn hilarious.. ONCE again, my PAD is of Jenna.
sorry I really do have other children :)

Tomorrow is cleaning day, and I hope to get 2 more sets cut out and in the store for Friday. I've decided to leave my stuff on sale from the 11th until tomorrow morning, because I want to go to bed a bit early tonight. I'm worn out. Too many late nights for me this week. Good Night all! -J

PAD 1-12-08

Just realized I hadn't taken a photo yet today so I quick pulled the kids together..
(A LOT like pulling teeth.. teeheehee)
Lars was poutin, Jens was avoiding the camera, Lindsey was bein goofy and Jenna was crying.. OY!

And here's another just for laughs!


when we are driving in the car to school in the morning. I can't take my eyes off of her. I wonder where this beautiful child before me has come from. When did she get so grown up? And develop this fun and spunky personality? I LOVE when she wears her hair like this. In two little pigtails. I asked her to let me take her pic after school today so I could use it for my PAD today. I couldn't decide which one to use.


This morning....
Jenna called to me, saying she was hungry.. This is where I found her. Eating some sugar.

Here, I'm pretty sure she was smack talkin me.

And her lunch of choice. OREOS. Who can blame her?

I'm so exhausted. I can not keep my eyes open for another minute. I'm so excited to sleep in tomorrow and catch up on some major relaxation. I wanted to go celebrate Jared passing his ARE test tonight, but the UPS guy just dropped off the lift for his jeep and I fear he will be up ALL night re-building and playing with his toys tonight. I hope he doesn't keep me awake. Cuz I AM SLEEPING whatever anybody else does... teeheehee Jenna's bedtime routine is ALL screwed up. The child refuses to go to bed when I put the older kids down. She is keeping Lindsey awake if I just leave her in there and let her cry it out, so she just wanders around the house until SHE decides she's ready for bed. Usually around 10pm.. The little pill.. I'm so ready to get her out of Lindsey's room, they can't share a room anymore. It's a nightmare, and their difference in age is really starting to take affect. And I miss my time to un-wind. at night. Well J should be home in a few.. I TRY NOT to be on the computer when he walks in.. teeheehee.. At least I have the warning from the garage door opening to give me notice.. ROFL! Have a GREAT weekend! -J

PAD 9-10

Yesterday, the school kids lunch boxes...

And today, lately, Jenna has been following me around telling me she's a doggie, and then barking..(it's a little blury, but it was kind of overcast again today, and the natural light in my house wasn't great!)

ruff ruff

Alrighty, time to get the kids in bed! then maybe I'll get some scrappin time in.. I did get this one earlier.

Night! -J

PAD 1-6-08 *Texture

We were given 2 homework assignments this week, one was texture, the other was to shoot a child's toy..
Here's my take on *texture*.

Guess tomorrow i'll find a toy to take a picture of.. shouldn't be too hard since they are ALL over the house.. ROFL!