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Friday, June 23 2017 @ 06:19 PM EDT

PROJCT 365 *weeks 46-49*

LOTS of photos coming........

PROJCT 365 *weeks 42-45*

fell behind.........

here we go.

PROJCT 365 *week 39 - 41*

I am actually pretty good about keeping my photos updated...............
on facebook.
But most of my family is NOT on facebook.
I know,

So here are ANOTHER 3 weeks of photos. HA!

PROJCT 365 *weeks 35-38*

imagine that.
i'm behind on posting my P365.........


it has been a crazy month.
but surprisingly,
i have continued to take a photo each day.
(or 2 on the day after i've missed.)

here they are for the past 4 WEEKS!

PROJCT 365 *weeks 30-34*

I was surprised....
tonight at dinner.

When my dad mentioned
that I hadn't updated my Photo a Day
in a looooooooong time.

I know I hadn't.
and when I went to look tonight.
I see it's been 4 WEEKS! WHA?!
it's been a crazy few weeks to say the least.

but I was so excited that MY DAD
read my blog!!!!

so daddy, this blogs for YOU!

PROJCT 365 *week 29*

day 198

I started getting really worried. Lars rarely puts his guitar down. But when he does, it's usually NOT in a very safe place. So we finally got him a stand. He put it together and is so very proud of it.

day 199

We picked up Lindsey from the airport today. She had a blast at BYU track camp and with family. But I am so happy to have my little family back together again! (and I'm pretty sure she's happy to be home as well.

day 200

I nearly forgot to take a photo today. Imagine that! 200 DAYS of pictures and I forgot! I was doing so well. So after dinner, when Lars took off on his bike. I ran after him, and snapped this picture. A typical afternoon. Lars running off with friends. In clothes he's been wearing for 3 days and no shoes. That kid.

day 201

I am rarely up and ready for the day when Jens goes to swim team. But he's been asking me for a few days if I was coming to watch him. I can't believe how much better of a swimmer he is now, than when he first started the team at the beginning of the summer. Here he is practicing the butterfly. My kids are so awesome.

day 202

Man, this week we will be crossing things off our summer bucket list left and right. First with a lemonade stand. The kids sat out all afternoon and made $15. Pretty good job I'd say!

day 203

Lindsey needed some new shorts. I swear the girl has grown EVEN TALLER this summer! I just can't keep up with her. So I took her and Jenna to Ross hoping we could score a good deal. And score we did. Not only did we find Linds some cute jean shorts but Jenna found these adorable shoes for back to school. However, when we got home she wore them for a few minutes and complained of them hurting her heel. I sure wish she could havediscovered that out when we were still in the store. grrrrrrrrr.

day 204

Another thing crossed off our summer bucket list was going to Cliff's Amusement Park. We had a blast. Most of us stayed until closing. Dad and Jens bolted early, and Lindsey got deathly ill from the rides a few hours after we'd been home... Never a dull moment in this household I tell ya.

see ya next week! -J

PROJCT 365 *week 28*

i had a struggle taking photos this week.
not sure why exactly.

could be because, we have been keeping
really busy. but not really doing anything NEW lately.
jared has been insanely busy at work
and we try to keep nights pretty low key.
lindsey has been out of town all week to
byu track camp.
the kids are all ready for school to start.
or ready for some sort of change.
and i'm too lazy to entertain them every day.
i've been trying to get some work done
so that i'll have money to shop
for school clothes and school supplies.

and i.
yes, i
am definitely ready for school to start.
but i still finished the week.
no problem.

PROJCT 365 *week 27*

here we go again!

PROJCT 365 *week 26*

it's been a fun week!
i am loving summer.

PROJCT 365 *week 23 and week 24 and 25*

am i THREE weeks behind?

sorry, blog.

here we go.