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Friday, July 28 2017 @ 11:01 AM EDT

duck pond

Family Poststook the littlies to the duck pond today.
jenna asks to go every time we drive by.
the weather has been AMAZING this week,
and today was as good a day as any.
so we packed a little lunch.
grabbed a loaf of bread and went after the kids had preschool.


Family Poststhese pieces are from
last years spring collab
'good day sunshine'
the amazing
rachel young..

so IF you've already purchased that collab.. you won't want these pieces..
but if you haven't....
what's a better way to say hello to spring?!
today was the most amazingly warm day.
i know it's going to get cold again.
but we are so totally enjoying this warmth for now.

so i've decided to re-package up my paper pieces
and offer them up for just a $1 today only....




and a sweet little layout by thais on my CT.

grab them while they are on sale!
have a great tuesday!

sunny sunday

Family Poststoday was stake conference.
at 9am.
so i didn't get to sleep in.
but church was only 2 hours instead of 3.
but the kids only lasted 1.5 hours.
but the weather was yummy.
and we had a good visit at grandmas house.
it's great when the kids can play outside.


Family Poststhat 8 pounds of ground elk.
ended up actually being 12.
each pack was 1.5 pounds.
that's a LOT of meat to cook.
luckily it went pretty fast.
and now my freezer is stocked full of easy dinner starters...

shepherds pie
etc etc

so that bad event turned out okay!
i was going to take pictures of the HUGE pans of cooked meat all over my counter.
but cooked meat doesn't' look that great in photos.
so just imagine my freezer full. :)
and here are pictures from the rest of my day.

can't talk now....

Family Postsi just got home from lunch....

another tag...

Family Poststhis one was funny.
and i'm really trying to blog everyday this week.
so tags are an easy way to do so!

jacque needs....

Family Postsi saw this fun little tag..
and wondered what would happen if i played along.
(thinkin my name is quite unique, i'd be surprised if anything came up...)
here's the rules.....

31 uses for a mom....

Family Postslars checked out this book from the library..
and some of the things were pretty funny.
just thought i'd post it here, so you could all get a kick out of them with me!

Happy Valentines Day!!!!

Family Postsi am having THE BEST day...
minus the crappy windy weather outside...
today has just been fabulous!

some photos

Family Postsfor your viewing pleasure!