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Friday, July 28 2017 @ 11:02 AM EDT


Family Postsdid you wonder where i disappeared to?
well, i started a couple BIG projects..
i painted 2 of the upstairs bedrooms.
in THREE days.. and they look FABULOUS!!!
i'm so pleased with myself.
(well, andi helped with the base coats in each room!)
and i'm so thankful she did..or i'd still be painting.
and i'm SO OVER painting..

(for awhile)

here's what we did.

All about my MOMMY!

Family Postsjenna just brought home THE CUTEST mother's day gift.
and it's quite funny.
(she's a smart lil girl!)
i just HAVE to share it..

inside it reads:

what can i say?

Family Postsi have the CUTEST kids....
in the entire world..
i've been trying to take more pictures.
luckily the weather has
been amazingly cooperative...
i love this time of year!
be prepared for photo overload..
these pics are taken within the last week or so.

wednesday shmednesday

Family Poststhis week has been insane.


Family Postsdid i not blog yesterday?
guess i forgot.
i'll just blog twice today!

here's the first..
i got this email from my mom this morning.
she's the best.
and this made me feel special
and is oh so true!

la luz trail

Family Poststhe little kids and i
went hiking with the scouts today.

district track meet

Family Postslindsey qualified in 5 areas......

high jump
100 meter
200 meter
and 4x100 meter relay

she is so excited.
as are we.

the meet is thursday.
(mom, i told you the wrong day)

i'll be sure to take pictures.
and this time i won't forget my
CF card.

if she does well this week.
she'll make city
next week.
so FUN!


Family Postssee i'm already doing better at blogging!
i cleaned ALL morning long.
finished about 1:30
drove thru mcds for lunch
then finished up the afternoon with stocking up
on groceries for the week.

about blogging....

Family Postsi am going to try and blog every day this week.
i suppose it will be a real challenge.
but i'm up for it.

today, i feel like crap.
i've had a blah week.
and should have known this was coming.
the last 3 nights...
i've had the WORST sore throat.. and can't sleep.
i wake with major migraines and can barely function.
it's all sinus related, i'm fairly sure.
congested, runny nose, sneezing,
sore neck and back.
sore throat and hurting head.
i'm tired
but wake not feeling rested at all.

tomorrow is cleaning day, and i'm not looking
forward to cleaning when i feel like crap
but hope to feel better soon.
for the sun is shining.
the windows are open
the fresh air
feels so good.

but i still feel like crap.
and i'm still plannin on bloggin
even if it's just a one worder..
i've got TONS of work to do
and hope to keep myself motivated
by documenting them day to day.

and groceries
i hope to get the car washed too.

tonight.....lots of relaxing
watching AR
and finding the right
meds for bedtime.....
something that will knock me out

until then! -J

i am here.

Family Postsi am here.
but barely.
life isn't busy.
or crazy
or anything at all.

just blah.

i have not been
in the mood
to blog.
or create.
or scrap.
or clean.
or read.
or wake up.
or anything.

i just want this week to be over.
and look here.
it almost is!

and i just KNOW that next week will be better.
i've got TONS of work to do.
i need to clean.
oh my.
i've gotten behind on my reading.
and i miss scrappin.
and i have SO MANY things to work on for digi
that it's almost overwhelming.

and i'm positive after i sleep in tomorrow
and sunday.
that all will be well.
and things will pick right back up
to they way they were,
before this week got in the way.

i do want to share.
tomorrow is my grandma's
90th birthday party.

i just think that is so awesome.
she's the hardest worker i know.
(well beside my dad-
and my husband)

jared and i are putting together a slide show.
it is so cool.
i love the photos.
i love the music.
i hope everybody likes it.
we stayed up
(or he stayed up and i TRIED to stay awake)
putting most of it together.

i can't wait to share it.
can't wait for my family to see it.
for my grandma to see photos
from her 90 FULL years of life.

here she is as a young girl.

here's a photo of her from around the time
married my grandpa.

there were many other personal favorites.
i'll share another time.
right now.
my fingers are freezing.
it's april 17th, and snowing.
i just dont' get that!
i miss spring.

here's hoping for a sunny spring weekend!
and wishing my grandma a very happy birthday!
i feel so lucky to have her in my life, and
i'm so grateful that my children have had an
opportunity to know her and love her.