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Friday, July 28 2017 @ 11:02 AM EDT


Family Postsjust a bit of this and that.

i want one of these....

Family Postsfor christmas, or my birthday,
or my anniversary, or valentines day
or just because i'm loved.....

one with all my children's name on it.
or mine and jared's marriage date...
or something...
i just love them....


i love these 2.

i'd wear it every day.
it's going on the list

first day of school

Family Postsi have been looking forward to this day all summer.
the kids (for the most part) were excited for today also.
getting to bed early went smoothly
kids were up on time
and ready
(a bit too early)
and everybody made it to school on time.

the kids looked so nice
in their new digs.


Family Poststhese cute little girls...
live just up the road
in rio rancho

(and my baby sister)
got me hooked on
their amazing
talented voices..

i just ordered their CD
i can't wait to get my hands on it.
check them out..

i can't wait to find out when they
perform locally..
i think lindsey will flip
to see them in person.


Family Postsjens is well into his 2nd
year of football.
he is doing soooo good.
we are incredibly proud of him.
his coach sees value in
his playing skills
and we are so excited
that he enjoys playing.

once again,
we have opted out
of participating in
the fund raising.

so we are asking for help
from friends and family
(who we most likely would have asked
to help with fund raising...)
to donate whatever they can
to jens this year.
money is due in a couple weeks.
we need $180
please help us reach this goal.

photos by jared..

lars has asked to play soccer with hunter this year also.
rob is coaching.......
we are excited about his interest in
being involved in a sport.
costs for this
also have us pulling our hair out.

thanks for all your support!


Family Postsi got this magazine last week.
i've been meaning to post about this since then.
but just haven't had time.
i got an email a few months ago
about one of my sets being featured in this UK
Quick Cards magazine.
i'd personally never heard of the mag,
but then again... i dont' live in the UK.
but ofcourse i was thrilled that they wanted to highlight my designs...

the ladies i worked with were incredibly nice
and sent me this copy of the magazine so i could
see my products being highlighted..

do you see it?
i'm on page 22.
the bargain of the month
for July..

they may be featuring one of my collabs with kate in a future issue
as well as some christmas items..
i hope.

excited things....
have a great thursday! -J

lake powell trip

Family Postsi'm home.
and although i'm really missing the lake.
i am so happy to be home..
but not looking forward to cleaning day on monday.

here are some of my favorite pictures from this week.

Catching Up

Family Postswhat an amazing
week we've had!!!!

jim, we know him!

Family Postsi took the kids to see jim cosgrove

last week.
we missed his first 2 weeks
of performance in alb.
but then caught him on his second to last day
on the SE side of town.
he played at a library
outside on the grass.

i wasn't sure the kids would really want
to go see him, as they are getting pretty
old, and his music is really geared
to a pretty young crowd.
but we've been going for YEARS
since lindsey was jennas age.
he knows us by name,
we've met his entire family.
his wife and 2 daughters,
and we have all of his CDs.
i wanted to go.
because i'm not sure if we'll get out
to see him next year..
and although we were
at a different library.
he recognized us
and called us out.
we talked for quite awhile
and realized he's been coming
to alb. as long as we've attended his performances..
10 YEARS!!!!!

i got a picture of the kids with him
and his little girl lyda
who is just a tad bit older then jenna.
it was a fun fun day.

just wanted to blog about it, before i forget.

fun day

Family Postsfor a fun family day.
we took the kids to the amusement park.
we had so much fun.
and of course the kids are asking
when we will be going back.