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Friday, July 28 2017 @ 11:03 AM EDT

i scrapped..........

Family Postsand it felt sooooooooo good.
it's been weeks since i've scrapped.
i just haven't had a second.
and on this day.
the end of this extremely crazy week.
(on international DIGI SCRAP DAY none the less)
i scrapped.

my little heart out.

and now i feel whole.
i love scrappin.
i really really love it.
and although i could scrap for hours more.
i have a family to tend to.
a kitchen to clean.
hairclips to make.
and kids to get to bed.
but i'm feeling good about the pages
i created today.

and tonight
maybe i can snuggle
and watch a movie.
i love doing that!

(all credits can be found in my gallery)
click on the blinking icon upper right on my home page.

i sure hope i can sneak in a couple
more pages this weekend.
how has your weekend been?

kangaroo sore

Family Postsyesterday jenna cried to me.
that she had a kangaroo sore in her mouth.

so she opened wide.
and i took a look inside.

on the top left side of her cheek.
she had a little
canker sore.

poor poor little girl.

i just love the things she says sometimes.
the girl cracks me up.
she is getting so big.
and i am enjoying every
second i have home with her.

life is crazy.
i am 'patiently'
waiting for things to calm down.
after this week,
things should really
slow down.....

i've got tons to do
for tomorrow night's
young women in excellence program
at church.
making the programs
painting plaques
gluing said plaques
painting gems
and picking up desserts

i work in lars' class
and promised to eat lunch
with him.
i must really
want to torture myself
this week.

and saturday,
i'm teaching a digi class
at a super saturday
in my old ward.
i'm excited.
i love teaching digi.
i'm not too stressed about that one.
but want to have some things
to show/share.
that i still dont' have ready.


and THEN...
this is totally optional.
but my dad's work
is holding a craft fair.
and i'd really like
to make a bazillion
little hair clips
to sell there.

any thing to help with christmas this year.
as our budget is super tight.

i've also got some
things on my mind
about the tumble tots
class i teach
twice a week
at the community center.
the city is making some changes
in the program
and i am losing all hope
that things are going to work out.

and when i tell jared i'm
stressed out.


i just want to scream.
oh and my face hurts.
my jaw is hurting again,
i think it's from the stress,
as the pain goes down the side
of my neck to my back.
but resides mostly in my left jaw.
and i have a fever blister on my lip.
it's healed.
but still hurts like a bugger
and makes my entire face sore.

and, not really complaining about this.
but i'm still a little shocked.
that my face is STILL peeling from
my last chem peel.
it's all good.
new skin.
and can't wait to go again
after thanksgiving.
but ya.
not really good for my self esteem
this week.

i will be back with tons of october updates
as well as some special things
i hope to have going on this weekend
for the release
of the november byoc
and in celebration
of national scrapbook day!
gonna be lots of fun!

toodles! -J


Family Postsas most of you know
over 6 years ago
lindsey was tested and
accepted into the gifted program.

VOTE for my kids.....

Family Postsi've entered my kids
into the GapKids
Casting Call.

but in order for them to win
they have to be VOTED
a favorite by you
or me
their FANS!

all you have to do is register
and vote.
you can vote once a day
EVERYDAY until October 22nd.

the prizes are amazing.
so if you have a minute.
and vote.
(everyday would be nice!)


thanks! -J

what's up with us?......

Family Postsi looked back a few weeks.
and realized it's been awhile
since i've posted updates of our family.
and it's been a loooooong while since i posted pictures.

i can do hard things

Family Postsour lesson today
in young womens
was on
'self discipline'.

just a dream away

Family Postsi love my house...
i really do.
it is perfect for our family.
and absolutely beautiful.

but still,

he plays football....

Family Postsand he's really good.

this child's prayer....

Family Poststoday we went to lunch
for stoney's 4th birthday.

it was at jason's deli.
we love jason's deli for MANY reasons.
it's not your 'typical' fast food,
although they serve you amazingly fast.
it's healthy and yummy too.

it's very family friendly.
they have all you can eat salad bar
and ice cream station
they give all the kids
helium balloons.
and as we discovered today..
you can get as many as you want.


jenna lost her first balloon at the restaurant.
she lost her second balloon later this evening.

but just now during her personal prayer,
she told Heavenly Father that
he could keep
the balloon she lost today.

now that is just too sweet.

what precious gifts i have been given.
what a great day. :)

hope you're day was
good too. -J

mid week.

Family Postsi am so tired this week.
i have no idea why.
my theory is the stress
of school starting, making
our routine work
getting to practices
and having a successful dinner
and early bedtime
is killing me.
luckily football is over in one
but lars starts soccer next week.
and linney came home yesterday
letting us know she was trying out
for volleyball again.

i'm so proud of my kids
and i really do love
that they want to
be involved in everything.
but i'm slowly finding out
i'm not super mom.