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Friday, July 28 2017 @ 11:02 AM EDT

Fun with Mustachios

Family PostsJenna wanted to take our paper
mustaches to grandmas house.

We had fun with them.

Back to School Photo Shoot

Family Poststook the kids
on a little
back to school
photo shoot.

(it was on our summer bucket list)

and the kids were really excited about showing off
some of their new clothes.

and they had some fun ideas
about taking photos
on some crazy walls
and in

the night was a blast.

i love doing stuff like this with the kids.
and although
taking THESE sort
of pictures
was really different for me.

i think we got a few

here are
some of my favorites.

i loooooooove me a yummy salad.

Family Postscrunchy asian salad.

and more summer salad ideas.


and even more ideas.
(50 pasta salad ideas)

The BEST thing about Summer.......

Family PostsObviously
the GOOD outweighs the BAD.

well, most of the time!

THIS is what i LOVE about Summer!
you'll see lots of them are the same
reasons I HATE summer. ROFL

The WORST thing about Summer......

Family PostsI LOOOOOOOOOOVE summer.
don't get me wrong.
but since my kids have started school.

Summers are HARD.
and well, not so fun sometimes!

Here are my reasons why......

second sister giveaway

Family Poststhe fun thing about the internet.
is all the awesome blogs and people
you meet or learn about.

i've been following this blog for awhile now.
one very talented chica.

she is having a giveaway.
i entered to win this beautiful necklace.
you can enter too!

check it out!

good luck!

swimsuit giveaway

Family Poststangled and true
is hosting a giveaway.

for my favorite swimsuits.
i've entered to win.

you can enter to win too!

PROJCT 365 *week 15 and week 16*

Family Posts1 photo a day for OVER 100 days!

a fun give away...

Family Postscheck it out here.



Family Poststhis post is for grandma and grandpa...

this season is going to be crazy.



here are the kids schedules