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Friday, July 28 2017 @ 11:02 AM EDT

i will blog....

Family Postsi promise..
i miss bloggin.
i long to blog..
i just don't have much to say...
i'm working on some things right now while jenna is asleep, but i'll come back soon with an update!

(part of me is wondering if facebook hasn't kind of weaseled it's way in place of my blogging.. LOL!)
i sure am on that site a lot...
you can find me and add me to your FB so you can see what's going on in my day to day!
but i DO promise to be better about blogging.. if there are even any readers still out there!
stay close..i hope to have some FREEBIES up in the next few weeks!
that always brings my readers back! LOL!
have a great day! -J

new furniture

Family Postsi took lots of pictures this weekend.
yesterday morning was so bright and sunny that some of the pictures got washed out quite a bit.
today the lighting was much better due to the overcast sky.
but i didn't take many pictures! HA!
besides...i'm working on getting stuff up on the walls
because all the walls seem so bare now, that our home is full of furniture!
here are LOTS of pictures.
some by jared..
but most by me..
oh and ps hey....
my photos are the ones that are totally cropped in..
i've got my 55 mm lens on my camera and am way too lazy to switch it out.
oh and another ps hey.
in one of the photos you'll see a hand painted canvas....
i'm trying to add color to the dining room.
i really like it (i totally jacked the painting idea from donna downey)
but whatever.... HA!
i was kind of worried about the colors NOT working in there.
but andi says that she learned from one of her decorating shows..
that stuff in a room our house doesn't have to match, it just has to go....
so i'm working on stuff just go-ing together!

what a glorious day!

Family Poststoday it was 70+ degrees outside.
we played out there all afternoon.
(and the boys found a NEW friend)
i think that puts them at around 15 new friends in this neighborhood.

here are a few photos from today.

bad bad blogger

Family Postsi know i know.
i keep meaning to update my blog.
but there are just so many other things i'd rather do!

yesterday was my birthday and i had such a wonderful day!
thanks to ALL, for the beautiful birthday wishes!
it really means a lot to me!
i'll post soon with details of my day and what i got!
(i have to wait for jared to get back from AZ with something!)
i DO have a few other things to blog about, but this month is chalk full of so many events.
and the days that i have nothing planned i fill up quickly with either books to read, crafts to make, boxes to unpack, or tend to spend my unusually warm afternoons outside chasing kids around.

but for now i need to show you my new february BYOC products.
i wasn't sure i'd get anything finished in time for this BYOC
but i hated the thought of not playing with these beautiful colors.
so here are the few packs i do have....

you can grab them all right here!
don't forget to check out the other designer pieces... this months products are all amazing!

here are some layouts by my team members...

by amber

by karen

by mimi

i'll be back with some updates AND PHOTOS soon!
have a great night! -J

It's HIS birthday......

Family Poststoday is jared's birthday.

my talented sisters.....

Family Postsi'm so lucky to be born into a family chalk full of such creative beings!

settling in........

Family Postswe are quickly making our new house a home.

my new favorite dessert

Family Poststhanks stephanie for leading us to this recent post!

i actually frequent this bakerella blog
but hadn't seen this post yet.

i just finished making these yummy brownies..
they were so easy.
took a couple hours because you have to wait and let everything cool.
sheer torture.....
but i just finished licking the bowl for the ganche.
why oh why have i never made that stuff before?
it was sooooo easy and is super rich and just plain scrumptious.
the kids are going to be excited to see this yummy after school snack waiting for them.
i'm going to try really hard to save some for dad. but luckily he's not much of a choco-holic like the rest of us.. (unless it's oreos... the guy could live off those alone!)

these will be my NEW dessert tray.. whenever i'm asked to bring a dessert... this is what it will be!
aren't those pictures divine.. i could just lick my computer screen!

well... i just had to share in my triumph... that's seriously ALL i did today... i've been feeling soooooo scatter brained lately.
i think because there is so much i WANT to do...
and i'm just feeling overwhelmed.
hate being all jittery like that.
it'll be good to get away for a weekend... CHA here i come!


love my house

Family Postsi know..
i'm sorry.
i'll TRY not to talk about it very often.

welcome to mi casa

Family Postshere's a little tour...
first here's the floor plan so you can kind of get a jist of the layout...