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Friday, July 28 2017 @ 10:59 AM EDT

yes, I'm addicted to Pinterest.

Family PostsI should be doing a zillion other things.
But I'm not.
I'm pinning.

I went to the High School Talent show
and some of the boys did a lip sync to the song
"Put a Ring on it".

I've had that song in my head all morning...
So I made this sign just now.
And decided to pin it.

Now, I bet the song is in your head too.
Have a great weekend! -J

September Instagram Pics part ONE

Family PostsI am soooo behind.
It is October 24, 2010.
But I am sitting here and wondering, what in the HECK
happened to September?

Holy COW! How did that happen?!

I will quickly post my instagram pics from September
and then the first half of October,
and try to catch up.

I always feel like the months of October, Novemeber and December
are so crazy. No wonder I can't keep track of time!!!

4 photo shoots!

Family PostsIt has been an AMAZING month of June.
I am reminded as to why I LOVE summer.
However, I've also been reminded why I hate summer. LOL
Luckily, the LOVES far out weigh the dislikes and summer
pushes on.

We've had nearly 4 full weeks of summer,
and they have been crazy busy. I keep wondering
when things will slow down, but I'm quickly realizing
that life with 4 kids at this age, there is never
a dull or quiet moment.

Besides all the hustle and bustle having 4 kids brings.
I HAVE managed to squeeze in 4 photo shoots.
I am so excited! I LOVE taking pictures and all
this experience is only making me love it more!!

ABC's of Me.

Family Postsjust. for. fun.

Age: 36
Bed size: King
Chore you Hate: Washing Dishes
Dogs: None.
Essential start of your day: Checking emails!
Favorite Color: Red
Gold or Silver: Silver
Height: 5'7"
Instruments I can play: Piano and flute.
Job Title: Mom, Digital Designer, Tumbling Teacher
Kids: 4 - Lindsey (14.5) Jens (12) Lars (9) Jenna (6)
Live: Albuquerque, NM. Born and Raised. I LOVE it here.
Mom's name: Roleen
Nicknames: My grandpa always called my Lynndie, I've always LOVED that.
Overnight Hospital stays: Just the births of my children.
Pet Peeves: Texting/talking on the phone and driving!
Quote from a Movie: My NEW favorite... "Frying Pans! Who Knew?!"
Right or Left handed: Right
Siblings: 3 sisters, 2 brothers.
Time you wake up: Usually around 7, but I LOVE sleeping in late.
U: What's supposed to go here? LOL
Vegetables you Dislike: The older I get the more I LOVE ALL vegetables.
Wearing: Jeans and a tee and my TOMS.
Xrays you've done: None.
Yummy Food you Make: I hate to cook, but I think my kids enjoy my lasagna, and whatever other lame meals I come up with. They are just grateful to see me in the kitchen. Ever. LOL
Zoo Animals: I think my favorites have always been the Flamingos, although they are stinky.

It's a Baking Birthday Party!!!!

Family PostsI absolutely love
scouring the internet finding
birthday ideas! I knew WE
HAD to do a baking party when I
came upon this website....

I allowed Jenna to invite 12 kids.
All but one little girl came to her party
It was so much fun!
(and A LOT of work!)
I was SO GRATEFUL my mom
and dad were there to help
me help all 12 of those little kids.
They were able to do quite a bit
but assembling the pies
was a bit harder for them than I

Also, my mom is the one
that embroidered all the kids
names on the aprons...
A HUGE hit with all the kids!!!

Here is the party in detail.

California 2010 part THREE

Family PostsDay 5: Sea World

When we came to California 10 years ago. I remember LOVING Sea World. After 3 days in Disneyland Resort parks and at the beach. It wasn't all that I remembered. LOL But it was still fun, and I'm glad we went. Here are some of our favorite things about San Diego.

Here we are out front of the gates. I made the kids stand next to the Shamu slug bug.

California 2010 part TWO

Family PostsDay 4: Huntington Beach

One of my FAVORITE memories about California from my childhood are our trips to the beach. I absolutely LOVE the beach. I knew I had to take my kids to see the ocean. Jenna, also loves the beach. However, the only beaches she knows are the sandy shores of Lake Powell, but she knows they are pretty special. She asked all week when we were going to go the beach and still asks when we will go again, to this day. 2 weeks later.

California 2010

Family PostsWe surprised the kids this year
on Christmas morning
with a trip to Disneyland/California Adventure
and Sea World.

I was so excited and then a couple days
before Christmas started to have anxiety
about the entire thing.
I was hoping the kids would be just as excited
as I was.
And after the shock wore off
and they realized what was happening....
They WERE really excited.

We had a fabulous time.
I (with the help of my sister)
created a little Scavenger hunt
for the kids to find their big Christmas
surprise....This is how it went.

MAD Scientist Birthday Party

Family PostsLars is a pretty laid back kid.
He likes what he likes
and there is actually not much
that upsets him.

His favorite things are:

skate boarding/bike riding

So our party options were pretty limited....

in the wildflowers........

Family PostsI took my beautiful
little girls out
for a fun mini

Photos taken 10-08-10

and I LOVE the photos we got.

They are treasures for sure!

Get ready for photo-overload.