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Friday, July 28 2017 @ 11:03 AM EDT

It's a Baking Birthday Party!!!!

Family PostsI absolutely love
scouring the internet finding
birthday ideas! I knew WE
HAD to do a baking party when I
came upon this website....

I allowed Jenna to invite 12 kids.
All but one little girl came to her party
It was so much fun!
(and A LOT of work!)
I was SO GRATEFUL my mom
and dad were there to help
me help all 12 of those little kids.
They were able to do quite a bit
but assembling the pies
was a bit harder for them than I

Also, my mom is the one
that embroidered all the kids
names on the aprons...
A HUGE hit with all the kids!!!

Here is the party in detail. The aprons...

Getting ready.
Here are a few pictures I took
just before the party started...

The cupcakes and icing.

PomPoms, there was also banners hanging
but I can't fit the entire room using my 50mm lens. HA!

Got the glasses to use for our
strawberry guava punch
With red and white paper straws.
(thanks to my neighbor and my mom
for supplying the pint jars.)

The birthday girl.

My adorable niece. Such a riot. After
I took this picture she wanted the hat
and the apron OFF!

Stoney, one of the only 2 boys at the party.
But I think he had fun!

Rolling out dough.

Gettin' ready to play a game.

Playing 'Hot Whisk" -Hot Potato using a whisk instead.
I know original. LOL We needed something to do while the
pies baked and before we decorated cupcakes.

Pies are baking.

Punch is in the jars.

Jenna's cupcake.

Chocolate dipped strawberries.

Stoney, stud.

Sadie's cupcake. (Grandma helped her decorate, Sadie doesn't really
like to get her fingers dirty.)

Blowing out the candles.

Eating cupcakes! YAY!

I forgot to take pictures of her opening presents. But the girl
got spoiled to pieces.... TONS of cute clothes, LOTS of art
supplies, books, crafts and only ONE toy barbie...I was so pleased!
I got her a couple dresses and her favorite Princess movie,
the Little Mermaid. She just finished painting my nails
and now we are going to snuggle up and watch her
girly flick. I can't believe my baby is SIX years old!!!



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